Andrei About

The Andrei Foundation was established in November 2005 in memory of Andrei Olenicoff and was made possible by the generous contributions of those who cared for him as a son, brother, husband, friend and colleague.

This Foundation serves to honor his memory by carrying on his legacy of kindness, hope, and respect for all. During his lifetime, Andrei was afflicted with a retinal degenerative disease known as Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). RP and other retinal degenerative diseases affect 1 in 28 people in the U.S., causing vision impairment or vision loss.

Finding a cure for these life-altering diseases and aiding people affected by vision impairment and blindness is the main goal of this Foundation as is supporting causes like nature and wildlife conservancy¬†that were near and dear to Andrei’s heart .