Andrei Foundation Sponsors El Viento Field Trip to Ocean Institute

On February 16, 2008, the Andrei Foundation sponsored a 7th grade class from El Viento to give them an opportunity to learn about the ocean at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. Over 20 kids took a bus from Huntington Beach to the Ocean Institute and participated in learning demonstrations and a 2-hour boat trip. We were lucky enough to find a large pod of dolphins, too!






Read some of the letters from the students who participated below:
“Thank you for taking us on this amazing field trip and for sponsoring us. I would never have had the experience before. What I really loved was that we got to see the bottle nosed dolphins. It was nice. I never knew that there was different kinds of plankton like zooplankton and phytoplankton. This is one of my favorite field trips ever. Thank you for this once in a lifetime experience”
– Lillian
“Thank you so much for sponsoring us. I had a great day. I liked seeing the dolphins. I learned a lot from seeing the different pictures of the whales. I haven’t seen dolphins before. It was cool when I saw the dolphins jump. I appreciate what you did for El Viento. I had never experienced what I did that day. Thank you so much.”