Meet Vadim – An Angel With New Wings Thanks to AF and Health of the Fatherland

When the Andrei Foundation was first introduced to little Vadim “Vadik” Ladonin in 2012, he was five years old and in need of prostheses having been born with no hands to an alcoholic mother who immediately abandoned him.

Brought over to Los Angeles by Health of the Fatherland (with the support of the Andrei Foundation) from Yaroslavl, Russia where he was living with a foster family, he immediately stole our hearts with his playful demeanor and unwavering positivity in light of his unfortunate situation. Through their amazing Pediatric Orthotic and Prosthetic Services department, Shriner’s Children’s Hospital was able to create hands and work with Vadik on using them which ultimately gave him the ability to write, draw, play with toys, and eat with a spoon and fork once he returned to Russia to his foster family.



Fast forward seven years and AF was fortunate to once again meet Vadik, now 12 years old, who was back in Los Angeles this February to get fitted for new prostheses having outgrown the old ones.

Once again with Health of the Fatherland and working with Shriner’s, he came down to visit AF by the beach in Orange County for a couple of days and we were able to see first-hand his incredible progress. Vivacious as ever, we were treated to a mini piano performance by him and a mean game of billiards during his stay all the while wondering how one child could be such a ray of sunlight – and such a talent!

Vadim is truly an angel and the work of Health of the Fatherland tremendously admirable. We wish him all the best with his new prostheses and grateful we were able to partially support his new “wings” so he can continue to soar in Yaroslavl or wherever his courageous spirit may take him in the future.

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