Blind Children’s Learning Center

Blind Children's Learning Center

The BCLC has developed a comprehensive, alternative program allowing children to not only thrive blind, but also enter the mainstream schools and world around them. The organization is the only one of its kind in Southern California that addresses the needs of the blind, visually impaired and children with multiple disabilities from birth through high school. The track toward independence begins with Infant Family Focus, an in-home service allowing parents to be part of the crucial developmental days. At six months, the child may begin attending the Early Childhood Center. After graduation from this stage, blind children can usually enter a public kindergarten program with maintained support from the BCLC. The Youth Outreach program leads students through their public school experience by providing mobility training, vision instruction and Braille instruction. The BCLC stimulates each child’s natural desire to learn and explore leading to a life of independence, not much different than any other.